Foot Workout Overview

Everything You Wanted To Know About FOOT WORKOUTS

Dancers should be doing these exercises daily to strengthen their toes and feet.

Get a thera-band and follow these exercises.  Everyone trainig with Coach Rachel/Maria will be familiar with this - everyone else needs to ask around/google/youtube to learn if they don't understand the attached.

Dancing puts a huge amount of pressure on the feet and anyone who has weak ankles and/or struggles with pushing off the floor needs to improve foot mobility, flexibility and strength.  Everyone who is taping their ankles should be doing their own rehab to get better.  They may never be able to dance without strapping, but they should be working toward that concept.

Add a column to the fitness worksheet (or re-design the sheet/adjust column widths and margins) for the following exercises and tick off the days this gets done properly. If you want to compete with the very best then you have to train as hard or harder than they do in order to get there.