Being a part of Goggin-Carroll is not limited to dancers.  Families are an essential part of our community.  As such, parents (and sometimes high-school aged siblings) are needed to volunteer in a variety of ways including:
  • working at our host competitions in areas such as: stage construction and management, registration, awards & catering,
  • undertaking a role on the OIDA (parent association) Executive Board (Treasurer, Secretary, Marketing Coordinator or Event Planner),
  • and if you are concened about making a yearly commitment to the OIDA, consider assisting on a casual basis with event planning (School Feis, Summer BBQ, Christmas Party, Pub Nights)

If you would like to explore what Volunteering Opportunites are available at Goggin-Carroll, don't wait to be asked.  Visit our Contact Page

[Letters for high-school volunteer hours will be supplied as requested upon completion of the volunteer time.]